Middle Earth, Clearly….and “Purple Moments are NOT Boring”

12 Apr

Aramisette, is this the BOB you love, right here?

Middle Earth = NZ, duh

8:00 PM Jane: Wait are we here?

 Lula:   hey, JANE

  ok, here we go!!!!!

  Look, it’s BOB.

  aramisette, we always refer to BOB in all caps.

 Jane: YO ya’ll!

 Aramisette: k

 Jane: It’s time

8:01 PM We have Ms. Aramisette with us tonight to share in her awesomeness

 Aramisette: Draamaaaaa

 Lula: DRAMZ.

 Jane: “Trainer” is that what we are calling Brett now?

 Aramisette: oh yes it CAN Tara


  No, we are calling Brett, Buh-Bye.


 Aramisette: Durh


 Jane: Watch their faces!

 Aramisette: So



 Lula: Um, hi.

8:02 PM Please go to Middle Earth. JEALOUS.


 Jane: SOOO exciting. O just gave an O face

 Aramisette: have other seasons gone anywhere?

  HA! Jane

  I didn’t watch BL before this

 Jane: Ummm wait, did she just say, “NZ I have heard of it” like it is a book

  Oh no

 Aramisette: hahaha

8:03 PM Lula: I don’t know if they’ve ever gone anywhere

  but oh dear–Kaylee. no.

 Jane: OK, yes Marta I think they have gone places before

  But not sure. We’ll ask Jen from BL

 Lula: Olivia deserves luxury. let’s just say it now.

 Aramisette: whaaaat?

  Oh Hannah

  not good



 Aramisette: Noooooo

8:04 PM Jane: Awww shucks

 Lula: He seriously needs a new did. Love his heart.

 Aramisette: I wonder if he makes it to makeover week


 Look at how skinny O’s face is.

(Apparently we’re admiring O’s face for a bit)

8:06 PM Aramisette: very cool that Hannah and Olivia got to go to NZ together

 Jane: Awww Moses knows about Auckland

 Aramisette: of course!

  it’s part of his history

  i like Alison’s hair btw

 Jane: How much do we love Sami’s belt

 Aramisette: bungee jumping!!


8:07 PM Jane: I really liked Sami’s outfit too!

  Finally adventure

 Aramisette: how long arethey in NZ?

 Lula: Yes, loved Sami Brady’s outfit. Very Spring-y.

  It takes like 2 days to fly there…18 hour flight, but then you gotta adjust your body clock and all that mess.

 Aramisette: Ha!


8:08 PM Aramisette: “They’re in Middle Earth:”



 Aramisette: SO TRUE

  she’s a tiny lil Rosie Perez

 Jane: Look at them running up them stairs. Amazing

 Lula: Jane named her that–Rosie Perez, Jr. so genius


8:09 PM Aramisette: RP Jr

 Jane: Hannah you are NOT annoying ever…someone else we know who talks like ROsie is annoying

  Poor Ken, bless it

 Lula: Oh, KEN.

 Aramisette: BOB

 Jane: BOB


 Lula: BOB is on top.


 Aramisette: snort

  i love him and his smiling face and tatoos

 Lula: And Olivia is up there with him.

 Jane: Oh no I am worried for Jikk

8:10 PM jill

 Aramisette: shuuuut the fuck up

  holy shiiiiiit


 Lula: Ken is gonna pass out.

 Jane: That was crazy

  I thought you said Ken just passed out, then I reread

 Lula: and lemme tell y’all–unless Jason or Henry or Alex was waiting to catch me, I would NOT DO THAT SHIZ.

 Jane: He prob did

8:11 PM No way….never

  Marta would you do that bungee stuff?

 Aramisette: maybe?

  i dunno

  i don’t mind rides and stuff

 Jane: Really? My bro did once, but I don’t think I’d do that

 Aramisette: not sure about bumgee jumping



8:12 PM BUMgee

 Jane: I like rides too, but bungee just seems bad for me to try, I feel like I will get hurt, I ALWAYS GET HURT

  BUMGEE sound funnn

 Lula: I don’t mind rides–but that ain’t no ride

 Aramisette: i know

Lula: that is FREE FALLING

  no way.

 Aramisette: fear of my back or neck snapping the wrong way 😕


8:13 PM U are double tweeting LA!

 Jane: YES I wanna cruise with BOB

 Aramisette: all the time lately

 Lula: It’s not me. it’s my computer

 Aramisette: BACK

 Jane: Poor Jill

 Lula: Jane–you go tweet from the account since my laptop is sick or some shiz.


 Jane: But you are better at tweeting during the show and you know it

 Lula: she is CUSSING. love her.

8:14 PM Jane: Just double tweet!

 Aramisette: whatever LA

 Jane: I like you twice

 Aramisette: u can just delete the doubles

 Lula: i do delete them!

  Moses & Rulon are like, SWEET. So is Jay.

 Jane: That is NUTZ that they can’t do it cause of weight

  Still an issue

 Aramisette: O is like first with her hand up

 Jane: SHe is!

8:15 PM I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t, but maybe in the moment it would be different

 Lula: Coach Olivia–cheering Ken on. BLESS IT.

 Aramisette: yeah

  me too

 Lula: and Bob is probably gonna make me cry.

8:16 PM Jane: He is being amazing, as per the usual


 Aramisette: d’awwww

 Lula: BOB

 Aramisette: they’re being buddies

 Lula: OH MY STARS, Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Aramisette: well, we know they didn’t die


 Lula: Olivia is gonna do it!

 Aramisette: she is Monica from Friends

  super control freak

 Jane: Purple Team we are praying for you, even though we know you lived

8:17 PM Aramisette: hahaha

 Jane: SUCH a Monica

 Aramisette: yes


 Jane: Unnatural


  Ohh BOB



  BOB rocks my world.

 Aramisette: hahahaha

  she’s flaaailing

 Lula: I am so proud of her.

8:18 PM Jane: I just screamed

  I really did with her the whole way


  Oh, BOB. That is what HE said.

  (Yeah, I said it.)

 Aramisette: he’s like, whyyy?

  oh Bob

8:19 PM it’ll be Ok

 Jane: Hey Maybe Hannah meets a hot NZ guy with a sexy accent

 Aramisette: Oh Jill

  except aging

 Jane: “Exceprt aging”

 Aramisette: hahaha

 Jane: jinx

 Aramisette: dood

  if i went to New Zealand?

  i would so do this

 Jane: I feel for BOB

 Aramisette: once in a lifetime thing

  i’d do everything i could

 Lula: I’d do it if I had a few drinks in me

 Aramisette: YOU CAN DO IT BOB

8:20 PM Jane: BOB will you do me for the BL? Wait, I didn’t say that

  No I DID

 Lula: JANE I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

 Aramisette: durtyyyy

 Lula: best line of the night

8:21 PM Jane: I am red, I never talk dirty

 Lula: hey, you might rock his world and he might want a new persuasion

 Aramisette: i want a kiwi accent

 Jane: But he set me up


 Aramisette: COMMERCIAL

 Jane: Why is it a kiwi? I want to move there. Let’s look into it

 Lula: dude, we looked into going there for our 10th anniversary–

 Aramisette: just the nickname

 Lula: the airfare alone is RIDIC

 Aramisette: lil bro wants to move there


8:22 PM and live on a farm

 Lula: scott would have to have first or business class due to his longass legs and the flight being so long….

 Aramisette: yeah, if u go

  u do NZ and Australia

 Lula: forget it–like, thousands of dollars

 Aramisette: for like, 3 weeks

  at least

 Lula: but we still say we’re gonna go one day–without our kids

 Aramisette: i get mad at lil bro when he says he’s moving there b/c that means i’ll never see him

8:23 PM Jane: Silly lil bro

  So far I called Lula silly and little bro tonight

  <<<< I AM SILLY

 Lula: oh, Jane–when The Voice premieres, BL is only 1 hour long that night. lame


 Lula: (I am silly)

8:24 PM Jane: Maybe they will combine and put Christina on the bL that night, no?

 Aramisette: just 1 night?

 Lula: i think–just that night

  Xtina needs some Trainer BOB to whip her boo-tay into shape

  so does Cee-Lo but i loves him

8:25 PM Jane: I know. I was being mean. I NEED 2 hours of Olivia.

  And she cheers him on from thousands of feet down.

 Lula: oh heeeeeeeey, random NZ cutie

 Aramisette: HOT

8:26 PM crazy kiwis

 Jane: Very very hot

 Aramisette: with their super hot accents

 Lula: bless it

 Aramisette: i need me one of those adventure men


 Jane: KEN!! Amazing

 Lula: I hope Jillian jumps on him

8:27 PM Aramisette: so sad that Courtney couldn’t be here 😦

 Jane: Me too.

  I like Jill’s tee-shirt and enthusiasm

  I can’t spell that

8:28 PM Hahah


 Lula: en-thu-seeeeee-as-m.

8:29 PM Jane: Good for you Moses and BOB. Love it!

 Aramisette: Awwwww

 Jane: Tears may be coming, hearing men cry make me cry

 Lula: BOB is the man

8:30 PM Aramisette:  that was weird

 Jane: It was, there must have been more

  Dear BOB: GIVE Olivia the phone!

 Aramisette: ON

8:31 PM Lula: a lot of times, aramisette, Jane and I admit when we’re bord.

 Aramisette: Kiiiiwiiii!

 Lula: bored.

  we’ll say, THIS IS BORING.

 Aramisette: hahaha

 Lula: and then talk about how we love Olivia.

  ain’t no thang

 Jane: And is this where THE pic came from on FB??

  That is very cool

 Aramisette: what ic?


 Jane: Maybe Austin will be a boatsmen

 Lula: the pic on Jillian’s FB that had Jay in it–so we all knew that Jay was the one coming back.

 Jane: Jill had a pic on FB when she went to NZ with everyone and it showed Jay

 Lula: #NoSurprise

 Jane: Hahaha

8:32 PM This looks fun

 Aramisette: what do u mean the one coming back?


 Lula: ‘member, Hannah & Rulon brought Jay back to their team cause it was just the 2 of them

  cause he’d been sent home a long time ago

 Aramisette: ooooh


 Jane: I want to go sailing!

8:33 PM Aramisette: me too

  my mum used to sail

 Lula: me, too. even though this is kinda boring

 Aramisette: i’m like, why did u never teach me?!

 Lula: like–I’d rather see H and O sailing. with hot dudes. and Ben.

 Jane: I love sailing and once dated a guy a month longer cause he had a sailboat

 Aramisette: it’s a MOMENT


 Lula: yes, but sometimes these moments bore us.

 Jane: Ohh Mama should teach you!

 Lula: Especially Kaylee moments.



 Aramisette: purple moments are not boring

8:34 PM Jane: Awwww that TeamPurple moment is GOOOOOO

 Aramisette: WOAH

 Jane: WOW

 Aramisette: holy shit

 Jane: And it just got real

 Aramisette: he just called Tara out

  it’s what we’ve been saying

  no one is as good as BOB and JILL

 Lula: Cara is lame.com <http://lame.com>

 Jane: Ken has discovered Rope Juggling does not a burn get

8:35 PM Aramisette: WOW


  she was about to cry

 Jane: I know, it does make me feel bad

  Aramisette: hahahaha

  awww Jane

  i mean JODIE

8:36 PM Jane: hehe

 Lula: i have to peeeeeeee….be right back

 Jane: I am writing down my calories from dinner

  I have been eating like a pescatarian

  Is that how you spell it

8:37 PM No meat just fish, veggies, legumes

 Aramisette: i think it’s a different word?

 Jane: Cheese


 Aramisette: or how long?

 Jane: For like a month maybe

  Nope I think I may have had chicken

  Not sure

 Aramisette: so when u started u were eating meat?

8:38 PM BACK

 Jane: Yeaah



 Aramisette: is it mostly the working out that’s gettign u to lose?

 Jane: Ohh Ken is going to take over here, and it should be interesting!

 Aramisette: i’m scared

  i hate confrontation

 Jane: Me, no. The writing down of calories is what’s helping

8:39 PM Problem or whatever, let’s talk

 Aramisette: eeeep

 Jane: That’s how she starts a cove

  “Very professiona;”

  with an L

8:40 PM Of she is awful, this is very unprofessional.

  She interrupted him

 Aramisette: this is making me feel awkward

  she’s crying

 Jane: Me too. She is a BIT

  What the efff?

 Aramisette: oh my god oh my god oh my god

8:41 PM Jane: GO Jill you are amazing

  She has no sides

 Aramisette: Cara is being unprofessional

 i can’t listen!

 Lula: sorry, back

 had to kiss the girls goodnight

 8:42 PM Lula: dude, i missed DRAMZ already

 Aramisette: hahaha

  i am so bad

 Jane: YOU DID

 Aramisette:BIG OOPS

 ew i hate bear crawl

  so awkward

 Jane: Work it!

  Loving O’s stud earrings

8:43 PM Oh good She’s focussing on Ken. Good

  Cara has lots of purple on, but she ain’t Team Purple just sayin

 Lula: oh, but YOU AREN’T.

8:44 PM (as good as BOB & Jillian.)


 Jane: O’s a GREAT shopper duh

 Aramisette: she knows how to do everything

 Jane: SHe is a cool cat

8:45 PM Aramisette: i’ve never dieted before

  just altered my life eating

  but yeah

  it’s hard to know what to do when you haven’t had to do it before

8:46 PM Lula: lower calories, up activity

  it’s so simple, yet WHO WANTS TO DO THAT?

  i mean, duh

 Aramisette: i know

  it sucks

8:47 PM Jane: I KNOW

  Writing everything down helps me so much

  And I have been learning I LOVE FISH

  Like love love love it

 Aramisette: it’s pricey tho

 Jane: It is, but I rather have fish over anything else or just like hummus

  and veggies

  or cheese

8:48 PM SO purty


 Lula: love Fish

 Jane: Do we like Sami’s hat?

 Lula: love, love love

  and love it grilled, which is key

  i do not like Sami’s hat

  it’s too much

  she’s trying too hard, I think

 Jane: The matchy matchy

8:49 PM Lula: yes.

 Jane: Five K!!

 Aramisette: it’s Ok

 Lula: change the shirt or change the color in the hat and i’d like it better

  maybe the shirt–

  change it.

 Jane: Hannah loves to run on beaches!

 Lula: OK, done with Sami fashion hour

 Jane: hehe

 Lula: Olivia’s skin looks amazing. I hate her.

 Jane: Running as a TEAM

8:50 PM yuggggg

  When they say lovely lunch it worries me as a contestant

  I would be like how lovely?

  Low calories lovely?

  OK here we go!


 Lula: healthy lovely

 Aramisette: of course!

8:51 PM it’s the view that’s lovely

 Jane: O is helping Moses along. Amazing

 Lula: LOVELY view. oh my stars, that is amazing

 Jane: Totally amazing


 Aramisette: eeeep

8:52 PM Jane: I have a strange question, do men need sports bras too?

  I mean I hurt when I am jiggly all over the place

  Those gurls are cheering on MO

  I love it

 Aramisette: well

  technically no

8:53 PM but they should have them for when they’re that big

 Jane: Running in water. WOW!

 8:54 PM awesome!

 Jane: I love it when Hannah talks to her “old self”

 Crazy times

 Go up the dune dune ya’ll

 Aramisette: oh noes


8:55 PM Aramisette: hooow do they do it?

 Jane: This is scary

  Irene the NINJA

  I love that O is right with MO just talking it through with him

8:56 PM Lula: it’s sometimes hard to walk on sand–much less climb that shiz

 Jane: Did you see what BL Jen just wrote

  “Somebody get in Ken’s face! He needs help!”

 That is the BLBlog girl

  She is our Bloggy friend

  Her name is Jen

8:57 PM She writes some FUNNNNY

 Aramisette: they’re shoinf FNL pn NBC



 Lula: yes–season 5

 Jane: Ohh Ken.

9:00 PM I feel bad for him.

 Aramisette: he can do it

 Jane: I like that Kaylee said Good Job for her Pops

 Aramisette: it’ll just take longer

 Jane: O said, let’s bolt!

9:01 PM Poor Jay

  Best thing Rulon ever said.

 Lula: Look at Rulon not being a butthole for once

 Jane: It’s about finishing

 Lula: HAHAHAHA–Jane, we rule

 Aramisette: hahaha

 Jane: O is the best cheerleader

 Aramisette: BLUE!

9:02 PM they have seriously shrunk

  and NONE of these ppl did a lap band surgery or anything

  that’s amazing

 Jane: That’s right! O and Irene are the greatest cheerers

9:03 PM Awww this is awesome

 Aramisette: sooo prettty



 Jane: So proud of them.

9:04 PM Oh and RUlon is being a great cheerleader too

  And then he had to do that

 Lula: Proud of JAY! Yay, Jay!

9:05 PM Jane: I am so proud of them. like woah

  Of course they gave away the ride. Duhhh


  I mean, are you kidding me?

9:06 PM Jane: O and our Ninja = selfless

 Aramisette: fish and greens

  of course

 Jane: Mayve Kaylee will eat too much and gain weight

9:07 PM It’s just that, Court could have been here

  If Kaylee wasn’t and Kaylee wanted to go home


9:08 PM Fish and greens are my FAV!

 Lula: I’m over Kaylee. Have been for a while.

 Jane has left

 Lula: But I feel bad saying that cause she’s my friend’s friend.


  JANE. come back.

9:10 PM Jane has joined

 Lula: Girl, Jane got kicked off–can you invite her again?

 Aramisette: i did

 Jane: Here I am


9:11 PM Lula: hi

 Jane: Jane: Coo

  BOBs YOGA  I want

 Hey there’s a weigh in

Yikes  Travelling and losing weight ust be hard

 Lula: Whoops

 Aramisette: yup

  i did ALL of that in boot camp

 Jane: Really? exciting

 Aramisette: hard

 Jane: but difficult I bet

 Lula: Boot camp to me means going to a store and looking at so many different pairs of boots that it’s difficult to choose between them.

 Jane: O looks amazing at her yoga

9:13 PM Hahaha

  This looks amazing on the hill


 Lula: Jillian has good form.

9:14 PM “he twists your body…”


 Aramisette: i like that Jill is working out and Bob leading

 Jane: Me too, this is amazing and O has it!


9:15 PM And this is when Cara yells at Ken

 Lula: she is ANNOYance.

 and what if her breath stinks

 Jane: I have no words that are nice

 Aramisette: hahaha  heee



 Aramisette: shut up!

  i want a purry cat

 Jane: Well now she’s gone

 Lula: i painted my nails–“Teenage Dream”–it’s so fabulous

 Jane: See what happens…stupid cat

 Lula: loveeeeeee. from the Katy Perry O-P-I line.

 Jane: What does it look like

 Aramisette: which one is that?

 Jane: I like asides

 Lula: it’s sparkly pink

9:18 PM Jane: FUN

 Lula: glittery. very fun for spring. loveeeeeee.

 Aramisette: such a girl 😉

 Lula: yes. like glittery cherry blossoms. ha

 Jane: I would ike that on my toes!

 Aramisette: i want to try that shatter stuff

 Lula: YES. on toes.

 Aramisette: they have a grey one now

 Jane: ME TOO

  The shatter stuff looks amazing

  See all this goes in with an pic

  Free Advertising

(Except I can’t get a pic to stay down here and not move to the top of the post, WHYYY??)

9:19 PM Lula: FREE advertising.

 Jane: OPI will compensate one day

  I dream

 Lula: When Hannah & O win (both!) Essie needs to make a PURPLE color just for them

 Jane: Yes

9:20 PM Aramisette: is it possible?

 Jane: That skyline is pretty

 Aramisette: for 2?

 Jane: Weigh in time, ya’ll

  I wish/hope it can happen

 Lula: i dunno…

 Jane: Going home tonight would suck

  It’s Olivia first!  WOW

  She looks anazing

 Lula: Gorgeous.

 Jane: Well you know what I mean

 Aramisette: and she’s 5’10”

9:22 PM Jane: -2 is amazing

 Aramisette: so

 Lula: YAY!

  A loss on vacay is WIN.

 Jane: They flew for 10 hours, of course 2 pounds is amazing

 Lula: I lost 6 lbs. at the beach last year–I was like, CHECK MY BADASS SELF, YO!

 Aramisette: i tend to stay the same or lose on vacas

  never done a loungey vaca

  always walking and activities

 Jane: Ninja’s turn

  -3 for Ninja she is awesome

9:23 PM Awww Reney

  Cute nick name

 Lula: Hot.

 Jane: Mo is up!

  Oh musak shhhhh

 Lula: This muzak is DUMBtimes

9:24 PM Aramisette: oh the cheeeese

 Jane: cheese for Lula’s crackers

 Lula: DUDE

 Jane: Oh MOOO

  Dude is right

9:25 PM Crapola

  MO has to be on ranch all the time to lose. He needs tools and stuck there

 Lula: (I wish I had crackers. And guess what, Jane? NO WINE tonight. Lame.)

 Jane: Gooo JAYBird


  That is aramisette’s new name


 Lula: Marts.


9:26 PM Jane: OHH NOOOO

 Lula: DAMN.

 Aramisette: what?!

 Jane: +2 from Jay

  Just making sure you’re there

  Are you biting your nails?

 Aramisette: um, no?


 Lula: I’m not biting mine.

 Jane: Don’t or OPI won’t give us free stuff

 Aramisette: just around them

 Lula: ‘Cause mine are fabulous…

 Aramisette: i just had them done

 Lula: they make me feel like a Teenage Dream…they way they turn me on…

 Aramisette: so not going crazy

 Jane: Ohh nice

9:27 PM Aramisette: i floooove the color

 Lula: BWAHAHAHAHAHA–“don’t, or OPI won’t give us free stuff.” WIN.

 Jane: What color you have?

 Aramisette: My chihuahua bites!

 Jane: OH I saw that one. Cute

  I like clear on my hand and silly brights on my toes


 Lula: If I keep my hands clear for longer than a day or two, I start messing with them and picking and then mine look like shiz

9:28 PM so I have to keep ’em covered.

 Aramisette: but u need to let the breathe LA

  not good to always have them colored

 Jane: Your nails breath?

 Lula: i don’t keep ’em covered all the time

 Aramisette: “breathe”

 Jane: Or need to breathe?

 Aramisette: yeah

 Lula: plus, i use a flouride strengthener every single day

 Aramisette: they ger dehydrated


9:29 PM Jane: Hmmm didn’t know. I like pale pinks andnudes on my hands

 Lula: and a flouride lipid moisturizer

 Aramisette: happens to my toes in the summer

 Lula: cause i’m high maintenance

 Aramisette: since i usually have them colored

 Jane: But the colors always bother me, on my hands

 Lula: ooooohhh OPI’s Bubble Bath

 Jane: Not on others

 Lula: that’s very pale. fave on my nails for a quick , easy manicure.

  (I sound so pretentious.)

 Jane: You aren’t

 Lula: Jillian’s makeup looks really good.

 Jane: OH no

  Am I still on?


9:31 PM Jane: OK back.

  Rulon was being good and then he picked up Hannah and he started to annoy me again

  Jill’s make-up is awesome

  I love the gold

9:32 PM -7 for Rulon. GREAT!

  You guys there?

 Aramisette: Hannah is so purty

 Lula: I am here. I’m just listening to him talk about how people look at him. SIGH…

 Jane: She is so very pretty

9:33 PM I know, I write the whole time….cause I is nervous

  Bananah’s turn

  -4 AMAZING for Hannah

 Lula: YAY!!!!! YES,

9:34 PM Jane: YES!

  Oh getting worried for the Bluebirds

 Aramisette: oh Jay

  saying thank u

9:35 PM Jane: I know. Jay should be giving Hannah and Rulon kisses

  Let’s talk selfishly Cara please

  That’s positive


 Aramisette: srsly!

  “all eyes on me”

 Lula: I MEAN.

 Aramisette: um, nope


  Like…hi, it is not all about you, Rosie Perez, Jr.

 Jane: Yes, I hashtagges a letetr to Team Purple

  Rosie needs to gosie

9:36 PM I just said that

 Lula: I LOVE YOU.

  Rosie needs to gosie. Make it so.

 Jane: It’s rediculous

  I love rhyming

  but NOT spelling


  I have 160 calories left today

9:37 PM And I am hungry



 Lula: Ooooh, Hershey makes these delicious 100 calorie pretzels covered in chocolate…

  love those.

  or a piece of dark chocolate–antioxidants.

  seriously. my cholesterol is SO LOW ’cause i eat blueberries, almonds, oatmeal, wine, and dark chocolate.

 Jane: We don’t have that here I don’t think

 Lula: i sear by that shiz

9:38 PM add to your grocery list

 Jane: Yummm

9:39 PM Aramisette: woah

 Jane: Ohh Kaylee and her +4. Her and Dadd at that “lovely dinner”

 Lula: i’m ready for Kaylee to buh-bye

 Aramisette: look at Rosie’s faace

9:40 PM Jane: Rosie is pissed

 Aramisette: close your mouth

 Lula: WAY TO BE DRAMATIC, Rosie Gosie.

9:41 PM Jane: Go Austin!

 Lula: Dude, he has such potential. To be a hot piece, I mean.

 Jane: He literally looks half of himself

 Lula: Mark my words.

 Jane: -8 from Austin AMAZING!

9:42 PM And Hannah cheers louder than anyone. She rules

 Lula: “And I’m gonna get some POONTANG!”

 Jane: Hahaha

  Was it cause he trained with Bob and Jill?

  Was it?

 Lula: Just kidding. I’m totally kidding. But he was totally thinking that.

 Aramisette: whaaat?

 Jane: He trained with B & J will Ken was fighting Cara

9:43 PM Austin did, I mean

 Lula: Oooooooh, another good catch, Jane.

  yes, BOB & Jill made the difference. Duh.

 Jane: My sentences don’t make sense

  WOW -6 for Ken. Amazing

  Well I take it back

 Lula: “I DID IT!.”

9:44 PM um, no–HE did it. You helped.

 Aramisette: she said WE did it, no?

 Jane: So blue team. They’re it. This sucks

 Lula: Moses will go home.

 Jane: Yes, I think Moses will sacrifice for the girls

 Aramisette: oh crap


 Aramisette: i can see here O was crapping herself here

9:45 PM  Kaylee is bugging me

  i’m gonna say it

 Jane: Kaylee is so annoying.

 Lula: Kaylee always bugs us and we always say it.

  but we say it in love.

 Jane: She just is. Worst attitude ever

  She needs an attitude adjustment

  O’s speech is SAD



 Aramisette: oh dear

 Jane: tears

 Lula: See? that’s the goal. it’s what it’s always been for her. BLESS HER HEART.

9:47 PM Jane: This is crazy sad. Oh bless you Moses

 Aramisette: oh my goodness

 Jane: Moses you are so amazing. This is sad. These people are so selfless

 Aramisette: fraaaack

9:48 PM my kidneys hurt

  need more water

  (perpetually dehydrated)

 Jane: Lula, you ok?

 Lula: i am crying

 Jane: Duhh

 Aramisette: haha

9:49 PM way to lighten the moment Jodie

 Jane: Marta, you ok?

 Aramisette: i’m fine

  surprised i’m not crying

 Lula: DUDE.

 Jane: Just making sure ya’ll were good

 Lula: this is traumatic

9:52 PM Jane: Oh and let me tell you Sami coat is noooooo

  Moses is precious

 Lula: the coat is no with those little capri pants.

  but her hair is lovely

 Jane: Hannah votes for Moses obvsly

  Jay votes for Mo too

 Aramisette: they ALL vote for Mo

 Jane: Austin honors Mo’s wish and votes for Mo

 Lula: bless them.

9:53 PM i can’t stand to see Olivia standing up there.

 Jane: Bless Austin really

  Me either, so hard to see her getting voting on

9:54 PM Ken is voting now and he is also honoring Mo’s wishes

  Kaylee cries

 Lula: at least he got to talk to his dad–and we bless BOB for that gift

 Jane: Also Mo lost the least for them on this Blue team this week, so it makes sense he goes

  We do bless BOB

9:55 PM Olivia is so tearily thankful

  So glad Mo got to do all the things he did.

9:56 PM Lula: You go, Mo!

 Aramisette: haha

 Jane: Good attitude MO!

 Lula: I hope he does come back to NZ and jump out of that tower.

  For real.

 Jane: WOW. He looks Gooooood


 ROCK ON, MOSES. That’s awesome.

9:57 PM Jane: That is great that he went back with his Daddy

 SO great!

9:58 PM Lula: They’re Mormon. Stephenie Meyer’s people.


 Jane: He’s gonna bungee junp?

 Lula: AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  Head first!


 Jane: AMAZING so crazy awesome

9:59 PM Lula: His daddy is crying.

 Jane: I like his Daddy

10:00 PM Aramisette: whaaaat?

 Lula: Rad.

 Jane: Oh great. Brett is back….I am excited.

 Lula: Brett’s bringing the crazy.

 Jane: He is bringing the crazy

 Lula: This is my excited face…





 Jane: Awesome

  OK I am ready to sign off and save

10:01 PM Lula: Alrighty!

 Jane: Marts can you save the 1st part? Just copy and paste into work


  I mean not work

 Aramisette: i don’t have word


 Jane: Oh ok just in Gmail then

  yes, jinx

 Lula: Wait–

 Jane: Okey dokey


 Lula: I dunno have to save this–so who is saving?

 Aramisette: i am

10:02 PM Jane: hehehe

 Lula: OK. thanks.

  OK, love you girls!

 Jane: Signing off…Bungees for everyone

  Love ya’ll

 Lula: Thanks for chatting. Bungee wheeeeeeeessssss!!!!!!!!

 Lula has left

 Aramisette: laterssss


One Response to “Middle Earth, Clearly….and “Purple Moments are NOT Boring””

  1. Lula April 26, 2011 at 5:48 pm #


    That is the greatest ever.

    #GoUs for supporting our friend, Janet. (And Marta–thanks for joining us!) We rule.

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